The brand of the ceramist, a unique and special part of his work.

The stamp on the clay manages to impregnate the piece with character, lasting and transmitting the mark of the potter over time.

100% biodegradable materials

PLA / PLA +, also called polylactic acid, is derived from natural and renewable raw materials, such as corn. Starch (glucose) is extracted from plants and through non-polluting processes such as fermentation, it is converted into polylactide. Polymerization occurs with molecular chains, similar in their properties to petroleum-based polymers, but with a much lower impact on the environment.

PLA decomposes after a process of exposure to factors controlled hydrothermal that lasts approximately 80 days, making it one of the most ecological alternatives for the replacement of conventional plastic materials.

In the natural environment it decomposes in less than 80 years, while other plastics such as PET, can take 1,000 years to disappear.

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Puedes usar tus sellos en arcilla (también polimérica), papel, cartón, tela, velas, jabones ...

Your ceramic stamps, a product made in Spain