Pack of 3 personalized ceramic stamps 1cm-4.5cm

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Pack applicable to three stamps for ceramics with the same design in different sizes.

Perfect for decorating and stamping your pieces or collections.

- Size from 1.0cm - 3.0cm
- Coral or sea green color
- without handle
- Medium level of detail
- Material used: PLA
- 100% biodegradable material
- Washable with water and a fine brush

Accuracy ★ ★ ★
Resistance ★ ★ ★★
Durability ★ ★ ★
Complex designs ★ ★
Biodegradable ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

The minimum size will be determined based on the complexity of the design, being able to vary the size in cases of very complex designs.

If you have questions about the size, contact us and send us the design before placing the order through our Instagram @tusellosdeceramica or our email

The color option is subject to availability, an attempt will be made to manufacture it in the selected color, but since it has no effect on the operation of the seal, it will not be binding.

For the redesign option, select the service and contact us by instagram or by email to indicate your preferences. The service includes 2 revisions, each additional revision will cost an extra 7 euros.

The redesign option does not include a design from scratch, we need some indications on which to start, whether it is an unadapted logo design , a hand drawing, a reference, or an explanatory text. In the case of fonts, we need a reference of the font style that you want your stamp to have, on the contrary, Helvetica Regular will be taken as a starting point.